Industrial facilities deal with a wide range of acoustical issues.

  • Plant operational noise monitoring and abatement at neighboring properties
  • Employee noise exposure monitoring (OSHA Compliance)
  • Noise transmission to sensitive areas within the plant 
  • Noise impacts from equipment
  • Noise from loading docks
  • Noise during new plant construction/expansion projects
  • Noise impacts upon a plant from external sources such as airports,
  • Local noise ordinance and municipal code compliance EPA/CEQA/NEPA compliance


Acoustics at commercial/retail uses is about creating an inviting ambiance.

  • Optimizing echo (reverberation) for enhanced intelligibility
  • Controlling noise from air conditioning systems and outdoor/rooftop equipment
  • Noise from loading docks


Office noise affects millions of people. It costs businesses billions of dollars each year in lost productivity.

  • Interior acoustics of conference rooms
  • Sound transmission between offices
  • Sound masking and active noise cancellation
  • Noise from office equipment
  • Noise from reception area
  • Air conditioning noise
  • Noise from neighbors in the same building
  • Outdoor to indoor noise transmission such as airports, highways, or railroads